Zombie Tsunami Hack and Cheats Tool

Zombie Tsunami Hack

Hello and welcome to our awesome site. We are proud to show you our awesome cool hack, Zombie Tsunami Hack. This program allow you to get unlimited gold coins and cash. Not only this, now you can unlock every items in this game. If you are tired of trying to get to the top and spending a lot of time, then this hack is perfect for you. This Zombie Tsunami Hack will allow you to get everything in this game from the beginning and get to the top within a few minutes. You don’t trust me, then you can try this and you will see that this really work.

Our hack use trap-door alternative scripting that allow us to change game code and make a trap to their control panel and access their database. This allow us to modify all date from their database and edit them with date from our hack. This means that then you will press Activate Hack, our hack will access their control panel, after this he will access through control panel their database and edit value inside database with hack values. It’s pretty easy but this allow us to protect you from every tracking. Thanks to our awesome security team, we could make a perfect protection for you.


  • Unlimited Gold Coins.
  • Unlimited Cash.
  • Anti-Ban.
  • Proxy system.
  • Unlock all.

How To Use:

  1. Open ZombieTsunami.exe
  2. Connect your phone to PC and choose which platform you use, Android or iOS. After it press Detect Device and let our UPD Technology to do that for us.
  3. Check features you want to use and insert number of gold coins and cash.
  4. Press Activate Zombie Tsunami Hack and let our hack to do his job.